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CNC Symbiosis Badge

Individual Training on the Symbiosis Hybrid Router/Mill

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This badge is a log of all training that is undertaken on the Symbiosis Hybrid Router/Mill located within the James N. Kirby Makerspace located, J18. Training sessions are by request only and will be facilitated by an approved staff member where an overview of parts made and an accurate log of techniques and hours will be recorded. The badge will be awarded when the trainee is deemed to be competant by either the Advanced Manufacturing Lab Coordinator or Makerspace Technical Officer. 

Requirements for training include:

  • Holding a valid zID
  • Having a good foundation in CAD
  • Have a part or project and required materials ready

Areas of training include:

  • CAD for CNC milling
  • CAM strategies
  • Tooling
  • Fixturing techniques
  • Safe operation of CNC machines

Pre-requisite Badge/s

  1. Makerspace Safety Induction Badge (MS)
  2. Sheet Metal Safety Induction (MS)
Online Module | Must be Completed Before Practical Badge Training
SWP Reading Module

Please read the Safe Work Procedure for the safe operation of the Symbiosis CNC Router.

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Learn Page Reading Module
Practical Module | Must be Completed Before Training Log can Begin
Introductory Symbiosis Practical Training

Symbiosis Practical Training Module for the Symbiosis CNC located in James N Kirby Makerspace. 

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Training Log
Symbiosis Training Log

Training Log for Symbiosis CNC located in James N Kirby Makerspace

Training Log

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