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E-44 PCB Mill

The PCB Milling badge introduces students and staff to the use of the LPKF Protomat E-44 PCB Milling machine.

E-44 PCB Mill image

This badge will introduce students and staff into the use of a PCB milling machine to create PCB Prototypes in a short amount of time. 

Online Components | All Online Components must be completed prior to the Practical Training
Protomat E-44 Overview video

Wach the video to familiarise yourself with the Protomat E-44 PCB Milling machine

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Protomat E-44 SWP | Please complete prior to use this equipment
E-44 PCB

Please read the Safe Work Procedures document at the link below. You will be asked to enter your zID and zPass to access the document. Click the "Declare As Read" button on the SafeSys website (Warning website for Safesys is very slow), then check the declaration below on this page and press Submit.

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Practical Component | In order to use the equipment you must complete the practical training
E-44 Practical Training

During this training students and staff can learn how to safely operate the Protomat E-44 PCB Milling machine. The training session will cover the usage of CircuitPro software to prepare the files for machining and the operation of the milling machine. 

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