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A suite of workshops for Higher Degree Researchers (HDR) to define potential pathways to social, economic, cultural and environmental impact, and build basic capabilities in critical interpersonal and technical skills required for taking action to create change in the world.

Aims to build HDR’s skills in Discovery, Translation, Application and Commercialisation.

It is UNSW’s ambition to be regarded as Australia’s pre-eminent entrepreneurial university. We are on a mission to ensure our innovation and discoveries translate to real-world outcomes, and to inspire and nurture entrepreneurs to create value and solutions that deliver positive impacts.

Online Workshop
pre-eHDR self assessment

You will complete a similar assessment at the end of the eHDR modules.

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Module 1‚Äč: Is your research a problem worth solving?

Understand the value of an entrepreneurial mindset for researchers, the academic and practical outcomes of an entrepreneurial pathway and identify the problem you are trying to solve.

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Module 2: Rapid Research

Learn and understand the key tools you can use to obtain valuable and useful information. 

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Module 3 - Research Lean Canvas

Craft a 1 page overview of your research plan. This technique will help you deconstruct your research into its key assumptions.

This online delivery of UNSW Founders Research Lean Canvas workshop will assist you to narrow down your priorities, it will assist with setting achievable metrics and understanding the elements and assumptions you are making in your research.

This technique serves as a visual guide that will help you understand and effectively communicate your research.

This workshop will be offered by zoom. You will receive a calendar invite to the session once you register.

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Module 4: Key Value Proposition

Discover and define the key value and benefits your research has to offer for a particular user. Using the Value Proposition Canvas as a tool to understand the position of your research in creating impact.

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Module 5: Stakeholders, Partnerships & Impact

During this workshop you will learn about the values and vision of stakeholders, understanding their needs and setting up partnerships for success.

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Module 6: Pitching and communicating an idea

Build confidence in preparing to present and speak in public.

During this workshop you will:

  • learn how to communicate [an idea, a process, a message or an experience] in an engaging, clear and concise manner
  • learn how to craft a presentation through the art of storytelling
  • build confidence in preparing to present and speak in public
  • maximise your ability to connect with an audience
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post-eHDR self assessment
eHDR feedback survey