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Metal Mill Badge

Individual Training on the Metal Mills

Metal Mill Badge image

This badge gives a basic overview to using the Metal Mill in a tutorial environment. After attending the Badge Training session Makerspace staff will keep a training log of each users progress.  Once the user has completed the project, they are qualified to work under supervision on all techniques demonstrated in the module.

To gain unsupervised access to tools, students will be required to complete the Metal Mill (Level 2) Badge.


Pre-requisite Badge/s

  1. Makerspace Safety Induction Badge (MS)
  2. Sheet Metal Safety Induction Badge (SM-E)

Machine Access

Once you have learnt this badge you will be granted access to the following machines:

  • Metal Manual Mill
Online Components
Metal Mill SWP
Metal Mill Training Notes
Practical Components
Practical Session
Training Log

Training Log

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