Design Futures Lab

DFL Assessment Notification

Built Environment Course Conveners to Complete

Model making is a fundamental part of any design degree. We encourage student and staff involvement in the facilities here at the Design Futures Lab (DFL).

If you are planning on including any making assessments as part of your course, it is a requirement that course conveners notify the DFL of those assessments.

Communicating this information helps us:

  • Plan the most relevant casual staff in spaces.
  • Have sufficient materials available for the students to complete their assessments.
  • Assign a technical assistant as your point of contact for the DFL

Please note we also provide:

  • Specific materials and equipment kits for the students to purchase. (3-4 week notice required)
  • Organise equipment specific inductions for individual cohorts of students ie CNC site models
  • Organise demonstrations of specific equipment for individual cohorts of students ie casting concrete

Please complete this form below before the start of each term.