Design Futures Lab

Research Facilitation

The Design Futures Lab is set up to facilitate course work and research projects with leading technologies and expert technical staff. We encourage learning through making and experimentation.

Technical staff are available to train and supervise researchers and research assistance's in the safe use of machinery. We also have a base of trusted and trained casual staff who are available and can be managed for research purposes depending on individual needs.

Over the last 4 years we have facilitated the development and building of computational design research projects like the centaur pod and bio-reef. Increasing numbers of HDR students with project-based studies have started using the workshop. With the current renovation 2022 will see more spaces opening for these activities to continue to grow.

The Design Futures Lab is building a culture of collaboration and inclusiveness, where the processes of research experimentation are mixed with course work so the knowledge exchange can become a natural process pushing outcomes higher for everyone.