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Book 3D Printers
Only users who have completed the Digital Fabrication Badge (DF) can access 3D Printers

Important Booking Information:

Please make sure you have placed your .STL file in CURA to check print time before making a booking. You will be unable to print your file if it takes longer than the time you have booked. CURA can be downloaded for free here. If you require assistance with CURA please come and see staff in the Design Futures Lab.

Cura settings for the Ultimaker machinces can be downloaded here: Standard Cura Profile

Tips and tricks for 3D printing can be found here

Ultimaker 3's can be booked in 3hr sessions. For shorter prints please book the 9:30 session. For longer sessions, the 1:30pm slot will run until 9:00am the following day.

Ultimaker 5's can only be booked for a whole day. Bookings start at 9:30am and will run until 9:00am the following day.

Please note, if you are late to your booking we cannot extend your printing time. During busy periods, if you arrive more than 30mins late, your booking may be given to someone else.

Due to the state ban on non essential services, the design futures lab will not be open. Good luck and stay safe.

Please come and talk to us in the Digital Fabrication Lab to book the Prusa and Delta 4070 machines.

To book a 3D Printer in the Red Centre (mezzanine level) use this calendar below

Our Machines

  • Ultimaker 3 - Standard workhorse 3D printer with reliable print quality, dual print nozzles and a bed size of approximately 190x190x300mm
  • Ultimaker 5s - Works the same as the Ultimaker 3 but with a larger bed size of approximately 300x240x300
  • Prusa i3 mk3 - Reliable printer with a good print quality useful for more experimental filaments and with a bed size of 210x210x250mm
  • Delta Wasp 4070 - Our largest printer good for large scale models with a print bed size of 400x400x700mm

3d pla printer.jpg

Booking System Information


  • On arrival to your 3D printer booking please check-in with staff who will slice your model and inform you of the print time so you can make payment ($3/hr) before printing
  • Payment will be made with your student card or eftpos before you start your print


  • The Design Futures Lab stocks white PLA and natural PVA (a water soluble filament)
  • External PLA is generally not allowed & any student wishing to print with an alternative material or alternative colour PLA should discuss with staff prior to printing

3D Printing Instructions

  1. Create your 3D model in your CAD software of choice. We recommend using a solid modelling program such as Fusion 360 or Solidworks
  2. If required, use Netfab or MeshMixer to check that your file is print-ready or to file fix. Dig Fab Lab computers all have Netfab Basic installed
  3. Export your file as a .STL and bring it on a USB to the Dig Fab Lab on the day of your booking where staff will assist you in slicing your model for printing
  4. Staff will you inform you of the print time for your model and payment must be made ($3/hr) before the print is started


  • Cancellations must be made 3 or more hours before the start time of your booking
  • Cancellations made in under 3 hours will still incur a fee ($3/hr)

Agreement to Terms

By making a 3D Printer booking you are signifying that you agree to the following terms:

  • By making a booking your are committing to respecting the staff and equipment within the Digital Fabrication Lab
  • You understand that you must always wear closed in shoes, appropriate clothing and have your hair tied back in the Dig Fab Lab
  • You understand that you should not bring food and drink into the lab
  • You understand that you must never ignore staff instructions. If you do not follow staff instruction you will be asked to leave the Dig Fab Lab and either have your access removed for a period of time or join our re-training program depending on staff discretion