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About The ChallENG Program

The ChallENG Program connects UNSW Engineering students, academics and industry to exciting, real-world, project-based learning initiatives. The program prepares students for their future careers by taking their learning experiences to the next level.

Many of the ChallENG projects earn academic credit (for-credit-elective) or the projects may be eligible for Industrial Training. Visit the ChallENG Projects Page to find out if a project offers these.

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The four pillars of ChallENG

The program has four pillars within its framework that students, academics and industry can engage with:

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The Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program is an innovative approach to enhancing higher education by engaging undergraduate and postgraduate students in ambitious, long-term, multidisciplinary project teams that are led by faculty researchers.

By joining VIP, students from second-year onwards from multidisciplinary teams to work on long term world-changing research projects. Undergraduate students earn academic credit for their work, while academics and postgraduate students benefit from the extended efforts of their teams.

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The Maker Games is an exciting prototyping competition and course open exclusively to UNSW students. Students work together in teams to create an innovative solution to industry-led challenges and build a working prototype of their idea.

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From solar cars to space technology and robotics, each of our Student Projects comes with their own set of opportunities and learning outcomes while competing on an International platform! Our Student Projects are a unique approach to project-based learning and emphasise cross-disciplinary collaboration, complex project management, and innovative use of technology!

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Changing the world, one project at a time. Through each of our social impact projects, our students are transforming a community and improving the lives of people all around the world. Through our Social Impact Projects our students engage directly with communities, building relationships as much as they are building engineering solutions.

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