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ENGG1000 Fabrication Learn Modules

Welcome to first year Engineering! We're here to teach you the basics of material properties, and hopefully how to make things!

For this learn module, you will need:

  • Half decent internet connection (most of these are videos!)
  • Interest in creating cool stuff
  • ....That's about it!



Materials and their properties. Fasteners and ways of joining Part A with Part B.

topic 1- materials

Why are planes made of aluminium?


  • Material Properties
  • Aluminium - Not Aluminum, we're not American.
  • Steel
  • Other metals: Brass, Gold, Steel
  • Composites (Carbon Fibre)


  • Plywood
  • Solid Timber
  • Particle boards / MDF


  • Acrylic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyethelyene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethlene Terephthalate (PET)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride

Material Property Concepts

This video is an introduction to the different material properties you will look at when selecting materials for the job at hand.

Material Profiles


Other Metals

Carbon Fibre


Plywood and MDF

S.O.L - Save Our Lungs by not bringing in/working on MDF or other composite materials which may produce toxic gases or particles.

Fasteners - Different types of Tape/Screws vs Nails vs Bolts vs Adhesives.

Basic Screws

Comprehensive Screws

Bolts Pt 1

Bolts Pt 2

Wood and Multipurpose Glues

Plastic and Advanced Adhesives

Types of Tape



Motors, components, soldering and circuitry. Learn how to bring your product to life with electricity.

Basic Components

The different components you may require and their uses


How to use them in junction with gears!

Types of Motors

  • DC Motors
  • Servo Motors
  • Stepper Motors
  • Linear Actuators

Soldering Basics

Closing the loop on your circuitry!

Coming Soon!


Running power through the system and testing your circuit.

Coming Soon!

More Coming Soon!



Programming your components to complete their required task!

Coming Soon!



How to get your hands dirty (in a safe way) by making cool stuff!

Using the Makerspaces


Get access to the Makerspaces across campus!

Get the Badge!


Before using our Makerpaces, you will first need the 'Makerspace Safety Induction' badge. Click on the button below to earn the badge and get making!

Get your MS Safety Badge!

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dig fab.jpg

Before using our laser cutters and 3D printers, you will need the 'Digital Fabrication' badge. Click the button below to earn the badge and start prototyping ~rapidly~!

Earn Your Dig Fab Badge

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sheet metal.jpg

Before folding that metal sheet! You will first need the 'Sheet Metal Safety Induction' badge. Click the button below to earn the badge and just DO ITTT!

Sheet Metal Safety Badge

Get yourself trained!

If you want to learn and/or increase your skills in other areas don't hesitate to complete more of the Badges that the UNSW Makerspace Network has for you!


Work smart, not hard

Trying to make a laser cut box? Need a custom enclosure for your Arduino Mega? Want to create a custom engraved box for a gift? There's a web app for that: MakerCase

This web app generates laser cut-able files from the specific dimensions you need - feel free to download the file and adjust it with engraves, holes and any other features you may need!

Grinding your gears

If you're in need of any gears for your robotic arm or want more torque out of your small hobby DC motors, use this Gear Generator to create laser cut gears!


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