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Welcome to the UNSW Makerspace Network

The UNSW Makerspace Network, known as UNSW Making, is a network of connected makerspaces and workshops across the UNSW campuses.

The network consists of multiple Makerspaces, dozens of Labs, hundreds of machines and thousands of project solutions.

Explore our network databases to find the right Makerspace or Machine for you.

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Our Makerspaces

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Design Futures Lab

Part of the Faculty of Built Environment, this lab aims to inspire exploration, innovation and research into fabrication, emerging technologies and design theories.

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James N Kirby Makerspace

Part of the Faculty of Engineering, the James N Kirby Makerspace specialises in manufacturing and fabrication of metals, plastics and woods.

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Part of UNSW Founders Program, the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC) specialises in prototyping for start-up ideas and entrepreneurial activities.

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Renewables Makerspace

Part of the Faculty of Engineering, the Renewables Makerspace specialises in electronics and prototyping.

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Electrical Engineering Makerspace

Part of the Faculty of Engineering, the newly opened Electrical Engineering Makerspace acts as the 3D Printing and Robotics hub of the Makerspace Network

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Which Machines are Available to use?

Search our growing database of machines available within the UNSW Makerspace Network.

View what Badge you require to access each machine, then plan your training schedule to achieve the machine access you need.

Search machines by Location, Machine Type, Material or Badge required.

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