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Metal Lathe

Turning metals and plas

A lathe is a machine that rotates the workpiece about an axis of rotation to perform various operations such as cutting, sanding, drilling, facing and turning, with tools that are applied to the workpiece to create an object with symmetry about that axis.


Colchester Master 2500 Manual (PDF)

Required Badge

To gain access to this machine you must complete one of the below badges.

Metal Lathe Badge (Level 1)
Metal Lathe Badge (Level 1) image

Individual Training on the Metal Lathes

Metal Lathe Badge (Level 2)
Metal Lathe Badge (Level 2) image

Individual Training on the Metal Lathes


Suitable Materials

  • Metal
  • Plastic


  • Turning

Machine Locations

Makerspace Facility Make Model Work area Number of machines
Design Futures Lab Metal Workshop Colchester Master 2500 1
Engineering Makerspaces James N. Kirby Makerspace Colchester Student 2500 Centres admit between 1000mm Swing over bed 330mm Swing over cross slide 210mm Swing in gap diameter 480mm Swing length 117mm 1