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Shrinker Stretchers

The Shrinker/Stretcher allows the user to reduce the metal for inside bends and streches the metal for outside bends. A usueful tool to form metal into organic shapes.

Required Badge

To gain access to this machine you must complete one of the below badges.

Makerspace Safety Induction Badge
Makerspace Safety Induction Badge image

Entry level induction to Makerspace Network

Sheet Metal Fabrication Fundamentals Badge
Sheet Metal Fabrication Fundamentals Badge image

Entry Level induction to Metal Working


Suitable Materials

  • Aluminium
  • Mild Steel


  • Forming
  • Pressing

Machine Locations

Makerspace Facility Make Model Work area Number of machines
Design Futures Lab Metal Workshop Metal Master Foot Operated Shrinker Stretcher - Oval Jaws 1