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Spot Welder

A form of resistance weldingspot welding is one of the oldest welding processes whereby two or more sheets of metal are welded together without the use of any filler material. The welding heat is generated by the electric current, which is transferred to the workpiece through copper alloy electrodes.

Required Badge

Sheet Metal Fabrication Fundamentals Badge
Sheet Metal Fabrication Fundamentals Badge image

Entry Level induction to Metal Working


Suitable Materials

  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Metal
  • Mild Steel


  • Welding

Machine Locations

Makerspace Facility Make Model Work area Number of machines
Design Futures Lab Metal Workshop Tecna Spot Welder 7900 2
Engineering Makerspaces James N. Kirby Makerspace TELWIN Digital Modular 230 900mmx900mm 1