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Badges are gained for all the news skills acquired through our various MCIC Foundations programs. Badge Training is in-person training and is usually performed in groups. Badge Training is subject to competency based assessment - simply attending does not guarantee that you will pass the component.

Once you have logged in you will only see training which you have access to. Some Badge Training sessions are reserved for particular user groups or cohorts of students.

We are also part of the UNSW Founders Program. At Founders events you'll be able to test new ideas, prototype new products and meet a whole community of people like you. Check out the Founders Program events page.

Upcoming Badge Training

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No upcoming badge training

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What are Badges?

The first step to gaining access to UNSW Making is to earn access badges.

Badging is how we ensure UNSW Making users have the skills to safely and efficiently use our network of materials, machines and spaces.

Earn badges by completing associated online learning components followed by in-person Badge training.

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MCIC Programs

Learn skills and methodologies of entrepreneurship, creative thinking and making.Unleash your inner entrepreneur by participating in our programs which are delivered in a supportive and collaborative environment. You will have the opportunity to hack, ideate, design, prototype and tackle real-world challenges.

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Learn Skills with our Great Video Tutorials

Learn from the experts by perusing our growing library of video tutorials. Some videos are comprehensive introductions to popular Makerspace network machines and others are skills-based videos which will teach you specialist processes.

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