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Part of the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture this lab aims to inspire exploration, innovation and research into fabrication, emerging technologies and design theories.

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Part of the Faculty of Engineering, our three Makerspaces aims to provide high quality hands-on experience for all members of the UNSW community.

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Part of UNSW Founders Program, the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC) specialises in prototyping for start-up ideas and entrepreneurial activities.

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Part of the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, The Making Centre brings together the many workshops located at the Paddington campus.

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3D Printing Hub


The home of 3D Printing at UNSW


What Are Badges?

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To gain access to the UNSW Making Network spaces users need to earn access Badges. The first badge you need to complete is the Workshop Safety Badge. Badging is how we ensure users have the skills to safely and efficiently use our network of materials, machines and spaces.

Earn badges by first completing associated online learning components followed by in-person Badge Training.

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Online Hub of Making Knowledge

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Let our technicians guide you through a mix of curated and created tutorials on various topics from Arduino programming to model making, from metal machining to drafting!
Interested in learning a new skill? Itching to start a new project?

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Want More Access?

Once you have gained your MS | MakerSpace Safety Badge you can book more training and gain access to more machines.

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What is a Makerspace?

At UNSW we define Makerspace as a place for barrier free access to tools and technology where people can come together to learn, build, upskill and share.

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UNSW Making: A Network of Genuine Collaboration and Shared Values

UNSW is creating the largest network of connected Makerspaces and workshops in Australia. A network of genuine collaboration and shared values.

These values are centered on the principle of barrier free access to tools and tech for all Students, Staff and External Partners.

About UNSW Making
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