Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC)

Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC)

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Our Vision

MCIC, part of UNSW Founders, aims to embed entrepreneurial confidence in every student, staff and alumni experience.

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Once you have gained your MS | Makerspace Safety Induction Badge you can book more training and gain access to more machines.

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What Are Badges?

To gain access to the UNSW Makerspace Network, users need to earn access Badges. Badging is how we ensure UNSW Making users have the skills to safely and efficiently use our network of materials, machines and spaces.

MCIC Foundations also offer a full suite of badges for entrepreneurial skills. The first badge you should complete is MS Makerspace Safety Badge.

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Let our technicians guide you through a mix of curated and created tutorials on a range of different topics from Arduino programming to mould and model making, from metal machining to drafting!

Interested in learning a new skill? Itching to start a new project? Not sure what to do with you life?

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World Class Support for your Start-Up Idea

The Founders Program is UNSW's platform to embed entrepreneurial confidence in every student, staff and alumni experience.

Whether you have the next big idea, or your startup's already gone global, the Founders Program equips you with the skills and networks to accelerate your success.

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Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC)

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