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Learn CAM in Fusion 360

CNC Dummies for Routers

This is worth watching if your new to the basic concepts of CNC. It happens to use fusion 360 toward the end, but what it really provides is a broad overview of all aspects of CNC integrated fabrication.

CNC Dummies For Routers

Fusion Friday Series

Tones of fantastic Videos here presented in a casual way that focus on tips and tricks, ive chosen a very quick video looking at using a simple approach to tool pathing:

Fusion 360: CAM for Beginners! FF85 & FF102

Fusion 360: CAM for Beginners! FF85

Fusion 360 CAM Tutorial for Beginners! FF102

Fusion 360 Primer

This video comes from the makers of a few popular consumer level CNC kits, it provides a basic overview

Intro to Fusion 360 for CNC Users

Fusion 360 Cam Tutorial for CNC beginners

Whilst this video uses some different machines to the multicams at UNSW, its very approachable, and includes example models, and step by step versions of the tutorial.

Fusion 360 CAM tutorial for CNC beginners | How to