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The Making Centre

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What is The Making Centre?


The Making Centre is a collection of 9 fully equipped, modern workshops and studios servicing the School of Art & Design at the Paddington campus of UNSW.

It is made up of The Resource Centre , The Toolroom, The Makerspace, Ceramics Studio, Jewellery Studio, Textiles Studio, Screen Printing Studio, Printmaking Studio and Hackspace.

What can we do?

Have you ever thought, how would I make a giant celestial music box?

What about a ceramic dinner set that whispers to you while you eat on it?

Do you need to sew a costume for a performance with a custom printed design on it?

Ever wanted to make a chair that looks like it defies the laws of physics?

How about making clouds that rain in an immersive installation?

Or do you just want to promote your next design show, art exhibition or immersive experience with some hand printed posters?

Come and see us in The Making Centre and we can assist you with almost any project you have in mind, from the first wild ideas, to the craziest of installations, our team are here to help you.

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We can help you with almost anything.

We have a talented team of Designers, Artists and Fabricators ready to help you out with your projects and to develop your ideas.

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