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Learn Modeling in Fusion 360

A collection of external resources to help you learn fusion 360

This is a compilation of resources designed to provide the basics of modeling in Fusion 360. You could do a deep dive by digging into the full courses that are linked OR we have picked some videos for you that just cover the basics.

Fusion Product Documentation

This is the official product documentation for Fusion 360. Containing a huge number videos, walk throughs and information.


Pan Zoom and Orbit

This is just a quick demonstration of how orient your view in Fusion

Sketching basics from Product Documentation.

this is a specific guide from the Product Documentation linked above, there are some good Sketching basics covered here:



NYC CNC has made Manufacturing focused set of resources that are more casual and often more practically useful than fusions own ones!

Import Upload and Open

What is the difference between a Sketch, Body & Component?

How to Model a Knife Blade

CAD tutorial #3

You shouldn’t try this until you are gaining some confidence and have made a few sketches and features. It’s can be good to watch these videos to see what someone more experianced does to work quickly.