Design Futures Lab

Digital Fabrication Lab (Laser Cutting)

Located in room G13 of The Squarehouse (Building E4)

There are six Trotec Speedy 360 laser cutters with a bed size of 800 x 500mm and one Trotec SP500 with a bed size of 1200 x 700mm. We are well equipped to engrave, score and cut through acrylic, card board and wood.

The Zund vinyl cutter offers precision cutting of vinyl decals, cardboards, leather, fabric and more.

The Digital Fabrication Lab also houses the Design Futures Lab shop which is well equipped with a broad range of model making supplies available to use in our machines at competitive prices.

Laser cut model.JPG
Laser cut model 2.JPG

Machines in the Digital Fabrication Lab (Laser Cutting)

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