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We have not been able to be together as much these days but our staff as always are here to help you in your model making endeavours. Now we are bringing their expertise straight to your door. Connect with staff and students through our forums, send your questions straight to a particular staff member or schedule a video call...we are here to help!

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As a certified CNC wizard, Richard is a great person to ask about all your CNC milling and routing projects whether it’s in timber, foam or metal. A skilled navigator of Fusion, Rhino, Grasshopper and Solidworks he can also help untangle those darn CAD files and get you ready to make stuff!

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Our very own workshop Guru and wood-work whisperer, Gabe knows the answer to pretty much everything! Skilled in wood-working, model making, casting, spray painting and vac-forming he will have the answers to all your model making queries.

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With the ability to read the minds of 3D printers, Madi can print pretty much everything. No stranger to the world of digital fabrication, she also boasts expertise in laser cutting. Outside the digital realm, Madi has knowledge in sewing, ceramics and casting and can help get you making stuff in no time!

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A walking encyclopedia of fabrication knowledge, Nichola has years of design experience ready to pass on! An expert in 3d printing, laser cutting, casting, ceramics and sewing she is sure to have the answers to all your burning questions.

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Secret superhero George possess the power to bend and manipulate metal like no other! A talented Industrial Designer with an eye for design and detail, George is also DFL’s expert metal-man, he can help you bend, cut and weld metal to build things that will blow your tutors away.

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As a talented and awarded Engineer, if you have a problem, Heather will solve it! With particular expertise in woodworking, and vacuum forming, no design challenge is too great for Heather who has an incredible ability to come up with all sort of quirky solutions no matter what.

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Aside from being in charge of the DFL, Antony is also our resident chemistry nerd. That may not be so helpful to your model making endeavours... but he can definitely answer any of your general concerns regarding the DFL!

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Can't decide who is best to talk to? Join the talks on one of our channels in Teams.

Set within Microsoft Teams, these making channels are a platform for discussion about all things making. Choose a channel then get involved! Ask a question, give an answer or simply start a conversation. All channels will be monitored by our DFL staff, feel free to tag us in the post to get our attention!

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The Design Futures Lab is located in the Ground Floor of the Squarehouse E4. If you have any questions, please come and have a chat or write to: and we will endeavour to respond within 24hrs.