The Making Centre

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The Making Centre team is more than happy to help with any of your making ideas, projects and problems that you come across along the way.

Use the space directory below to find out our contact details, feel free to email us to discuss your projects or make meeting times.

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Do you need help capturing the perfect video, developing the perfect photo or installing a projector to present your immersive video installation?

Ask the team at the Resource Centre and the Multimedia and Immersive Technology experts.

Do you want help wheel throwing the perfect vase, plate, cup or bowl or do you need to make a mould of something you already have?

Ask our Ceramics team.

Do you want help making a chair, plinth, cupboard or a large-scale interactive sculpture that moves?

Ask our Toolroom team.

Do you want to make an interactive project that uses weather data to control motors that move a chair that has flashing lights all over it?

Ask our Hackspace team.

Do you need to make a bracelet, earrings, broach or rings, how about a small wearable or miniature object?

Ask our Jewellery team.

Do you want to print an artwork or design on paper, fabric, metal or any other flat surface?

Ask our Printmaking & Screen Printing team.

Do you want to felt a soft sculpture, make a pillow, make a costume or reupholster a chair? Perhaps you want to experiment with environmentally friendly textile alternatives?

Ask our Textiles team.

Do you need to prototype your design, or cut some intricate designs, or digitally recreate an object?

Ask our Makerspace team.