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New to the Engineering Makerspaces? Complete our required badges to gain access

Users must complete Badge training prior to accessing labs and machines at any Makersapce. If you are unsure which badge training to complete read the information below or search the machine database to learn what badge you require to access particular machines.

Most Badges are recognised across the multiple locations within the UNSW Makerspace Network. To learn more about accessing the UNSW Makerspace Network head to the UNSW Making Website.

Required Badges for each Makerspace

Engineering Users

All students must complete Makerspace Safety Badge and Digital Fabrication or Laser Cutting (ENG) to gain access to access the Engineering Makerspaces. Makerspace Safety Inductions are run throughout term with intensive training offered at the beginning of each term for ENGG1000 students, so be sure to book early so you don’t miss out on this vital training. Course conveners within the Engineering Faculty could contact the Makerspace Staff directly about any specific classes and training for your courses.

First year Engineering students

For first year engineering students enrolled in the ENGG1000 course, depending on which stream of the course you are in, it may be compulsory for you to complete the Makerspace Safety Badge. Please refer to your moodle course for more information.

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All Other Users

We welcome users from outside of the Faculty of Engineering however during the start of semester we typically prioritise first year Engineering students due to a requirement for their course. Thank you for understanding, if you have any other information, please chat with a staff member or email us!

New to UNSW Making?

Welcome! We have comprehensive information for new users on our UNSW Makerspace network Get Started page.

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