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Metal Basics

Entry level induction to billet metal working processes

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Learn practical metal fabrication skills in this 2.5 hour group badge training session during which you will make a metal clamp. This badge training session is assessed and if you are deemed competent you will receive your Metal Basics Badge. 

Due to the limited spaces, this badge is currently only available to student projects, thesis students and researchers only until further notice. 

Machine Access

Once you have learnt this badge you will be granted access to the following machines:

  • Magnabend/Panbrake
  • Metal Bandsaw
Online Module
Metal Basics Safe Work Procedure (SWP)
Safety Guidelines

This document discusses the safety guidelines and etiquette protocols for using the Makerspaces at UNSW. It outlines the expectations of all users of the makerspaces and the regulations they will need to follow in order to safely use the equipment and work within these spaces.

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