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Access to services across the Making Network

What are Hubs?

Hubs are centralised services across the UNSW Making Network that offer specialised services and expertise, providing resources and consultation to students and staff for their specific needs.

3D Printing Hub

Our 3D printing hub brings together 3D printing facilities across UNSW where students and staff can submit digital designs to be transformed into physical objects using various materials and printing techniques.


Manufacturing Hub

The UNSW Making Manufacturing Hub serves as a comprehensive facility where staff and research students can submit projects and collaborate with technical experts to transform their concepts into tangible products.

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Software Hub

The Software Hub is an initiative which aims to bolster support for students and staff in mastering design software packages. Curated resource information, teams forums and real person support when needed.

software hub

CAD Hub - Coming Soon

The CAD design hub offers staff professional assistance in creating precise and detailed digital models using computer-aided design software, enabling them to visualize and prototype their ideas.

CAD service Hub