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What are these modules?

The UNSW Making Learn modules are an information bank of instructional modules, short instructional courses or informational modules that work in conjunction with the training you receive in your badges to expand your making knowledge.

Robotics and Automation


Learn the basics of programming and using the Arduino micro controller package in these easy to follow video tutorials.

Model Making Skills

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Having to make your models at home and by hand? Here's what you need to know about model making. Helpful safety, tips and tricks to have you making professional models at home and the workshop.

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Do you need to make a silicon mould? Want to mould plaster for a model? Have you thought of sand casting? Do you need to simulate rammed earth or concrete? Here's a step by step guide to all the information you will need to get started.

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Blue foam is a designers dream if used right and a thing of nightmares if not. It's a valuable tool for playing with shape and form. Easily carved, milled and sanded. Learn the tips and tricks to make blue foam work for you.


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Learn the basics of thermoforming plastics with the technologies available in the UNSW Makerspace Network.


CAD for 3D Modeling

Learn the basics of Fusion 360 so you can create presentation images, 3D prototyping and manufacture files. These videos curate the best online resources around to help you realise and communicate your ideas.

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Learn the basics of Visual Communications with this set of useful tutorials! Start your journey from learning sketching techniques to mastering how to make flawless presentations!

Digital Fabrication

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Learn the basics of 3D Printing with the technologies available in the UNSW Makerspace Network. Learn the workflow of printing with Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) with Plastics and Clay; Continuous Fibre Fabrication (CFF); and Stereolithography (SLA); through a series of curated and original content.

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Learn the basics of 3D scanning with Photogrammetry and the optical technology available in the UNSW Makerspaces. From how to use 3D Scanners to 3D Manipulation of scanned models.

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This page will soon contain videos to help with things like presentation skills, public speaking and how to pitch ideas.

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This page will soon contain videos for small projects you might like to make to help you up skill in the makerspaces. Laser cutting a light, carving a spoon or creating a mini robot.

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Course Specific Content

Specifically curated content for Built Environment and Engineering Courses

Resources for inserting making modules

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