UNSW Making


Our growing network of Makerspaces boasts a diverse range of skills and equipment.

Each space in the UNSW Makerspace Network is unique. Some spaces are targeted towards teaching and research activities, and others support entrepreneurship throughout the UNSW community and beyond.

Please explore our Makerspaces to understand which spaces best suit you and your project. UNSW Making aims to foster collaboration at all levels throughout the University community and we encourage everyone to get involved in the Network.

Design Futures Lab | Makerspace

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About Design Futures Lab

The Design Futures Lab aims to inspire exploration, innovation and research into fabrication, emerging technologies and design theories. The lab is committed to delivering high impact research and equipping students with knowledge and skills to develop projects from early concept design to resolution.

Design Futures Lab is a teaching and research lab and a very hands-on environment. Making is integral to all the disciplines of the Built Environment through the creation of physical artefacts that support the analysis, understanding and design of our environment.

Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC) | Makerspace

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About Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC)

MCIC, part of UNSW Founders Program, is a hub for student entrepreneurs, innovators and makers which specialises in prototyping for start-up ideas and entrepreneurial activities.

Through the diverse range of workshops and programs offered, MCIC is committed to providing students with the essential skills in creative thinking and problem solving, making and prototyping to enable students to identify, design and make solutions to real world problems.

James N Kirby Makerspace | Makerspace


About James N Kirby Makerspace

Part of the Faculty of Engineering, and located within the Willis Annexe, the focus of the James N Kirby Makerspace is on providing students with access to the latest tools and technology paired with comprehensive training opportunities.

The James N Kirby Makerspace specialises in various forms of Fabrication, ranging from Wood & Plastics, Digital Fabrication and Metalworking facilities.

Renewables Makerspace | Makerspace


About Renewables Makerspace

Part of the Faculty of Engineering, and located within the Tyree Building, it is the Renewables Makerspace aims to give every student a hands on making experience. In this Makerspace, students are encouraged to tinker, prototype and fabricate.

Tyree Makerspace specialises in wood & plastics fabrication along with digital fabrication, which makes it the ideal space for a shared classroom which hosts prototyping classes from the Engineering School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering.

Elec Makerspace | Makerspace


About Elec Makerspace

Part of the Faculty of Engineering, and located within the Electrical Engineering Building, the Elec Makerspace is designed to be the 3D Printing Hub for the Engineering Makerspaces. With 3D Printing technologies such as FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling), SLA (Stereolithography) and CFF (Continuous Fibre Fabrication, along with 3D Scanners, students are encouraged to prototype and fabricate their designs.

The Elec Makerspace also specialises in electronics, giving students access to a variety of soldering, reflow stations, and electronic testing equipment such as digital microscopes and oscilloscopes.

The Making Centre | Makerspace

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About The Making Centre

The Making Centre is a group of interconnected workshops, studios and labs that are integral to the disciplines taught across the School of Art & Design.

Making in all its forms is a fundamental part of the School of Art & Design and the Making Centre team is there to support our students, staff and researchers through the whole process.

The Making Centre has a range of highly equipped facilities that span across the Paddington Campus. They include The Resource Centre, Toolroom, Makerspace, Ceramics Studio, Jewellery Studio, Screen Printing and Printmaking Studios, Jewellery Studio and Textiles Studio. These spaces have a range of state of the art technology and equipment with all the fundamental necessities you would expect.