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Ceramic 3D Printer Badge

The Ceramic 3D printer badge will teach you how to prepare and operate the Potterbot and Potterbot Mini

Ceramic 3D Printer Badge image

During this induction you will learn how to prepare the Potterbots. This induction will walkthrough the printing process. Starting with the preparation of the material tubes. Students will be shown how to prepare the clay, how to attach the nozzle head and the proccess of extruding the clay into the tube ( this step is done in the Ceramics workshop and will require the Workshops badge prior). You will be shown how to fully assemble the potterbot in preperation for printing, and shown how to prepare your 3D files for printing.

Students are required to bring clay for use in the printer and have the option to bring a model they wish to attempt to print, but should discuss with staff before hand about the model.

A prerequisite for this induction is the "Ceramics Studio Induction"

Machine Access

Once you have learnt this badge you will be granted access to the following machines:

  • Clay 3D Printers
Online Component
Reading Module

Please read the Safe Work Procedures document at the link below. You may be asked to enter your zID and zPass to access the document. Instructions for use are in the tab 'SWP Steps'. Then check the declaration below on this page and press 'Submit'.

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Practical Component
Badge Training

To book an induction time, if none are available, see staff in Makerspace in room FG15 or email artdesignmakerspace@unsw.edu.au

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