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Arduino Online Learning Modules

Basics of programming and using the Arduino microcontroller package
Arduino Online Learning Title

For this learning module, you will need:

  • Virtual or Physical Arduino microcontroller (simulation available on TinkerCAD)
  • Virtual or Physical electronic components (simulation available on TinkerCAD)
  • A computer that can run Arduino IDE or TinkerCAD
  • (Optional) Creativity

Getting Started


Setup Guide

Getting Started

Arduino is an open source prototyping microcontoller platform that provides a quick and easy starting point for anyone trying to create digital devices.

Arduino Logo

If you wish to set up a physical Arduino microcontroller, Click Here

Follow the instructions from the Arduino Website and select the model of your board on the list on the left.

TinkerCAD Logo

If you wish to set up a digital Arduino Microcontroller simulation on TinkerCAD, Click Here

Module 1


Digital I/O and Communication Basics

These video series aims to demonstrate the process of working with the Arduino platform, from making electrical connections with components and programming the Arduino microcontroller to turn inputs into outputs.

From these fundamentals, you’ll be able to build a wide variety of projects. Module 1 will show you the absolute basics before Module 2 will show you how to work with different components you might need for your project.

Module 1.1 - Digital Output: Programming an LED

Module 1.3 - Basic Programming Structures

Module 1.2 - Digital Input: Programming a Button

Module 1.4 - Serial Communication

Module 2


Other Frequently Used Modules

Module 2.1 - Drive Systems - Servos and Motors

Module 2.3 - User Input - Switches, Potentiometers and Joysticks

Module 2.2 - Wireless Transmission - Bluetooth and Ultrasonic Sensors

Module 2.4 - User Interface - RGB LEDs, Digit Display

Other Resources


More resources, future project ideas and more!


Arduino's very own Project Hub

The Arduino Project Hub is a community driven platform for anyone around the world to show off their projects. This is a great place to be inspired and learn tips and tricks from others!

Projects can range from cheap DIY drones, replacements TV remotes, Robot arms to making your pet Cactus yell at you to give it water.

Explore the more projects!

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Our team in the UNSW Makerspace Network also run online and in person training sessions!

These classes will talk you through the basics that are taught in the videos and more! At the end of the sessions, you will be experimenting and testing your code by moving an Arduino powered robot arm!

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