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Basics of Model Making for the Built Environment

Essential tutorials and information to get you making models at home
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For this learning module, you will need:

  • Cutting mat, knife and steel ruler (you should have got these items in your first year kit)
  • Various materials you can find around your home
  • Some specialty tools

Whilst we think it's fun to work here at the DFL, it is not possible for us all to be here at the moment. You can do many things at home to make quality models. Here's some safety tips and ideas.

Setting up your workspace

Blade safety

Working with sand paper

Finding useful materials around the home

Papier Mache

Bake at Home Clay

Spray painting at home

Tools - the Basics

Tools for Measuring

Tools for cutting - Craft knife, Scalpel, X-ACTO knife

Tools for cutting - Cutting metal

Tools for cutting - Scissors, Circle cutter, Chisels

Sanding - The Basics

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Get yourself trained!

If you want to learn and/or increase your skills with model making don't hesitate to complete the Badges that the UNSW Makerspace Network has for you!

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