UNSW Making

Our Mission

Undergraduate Students

Our top priority is coursework for UNSW students. When large cohort assignments are due, we will drop every other job to support these students.

We provide practical advice and technical support for any “project-based" course. This includes developing project assessments, live demonstrations, in-person workshop facilitation and new equipment acquisition as required by course demands.

Thesis, VIP and Student Led Projects

We support UNSW Thesis Students, VIPs and Student Projects. These students will get access to an experienced technician for design consultations and all manufacturing will happen with the student present in a one-on-one training role. Our aim is to upskill these students to a level of proficiency where they can safely run their own jobs or confidently outsource them as needed. We can assist with suggestions of appropriate manufacturers that are both on and off campus.


Our aim is to keep your experiment running. We are equipped to do work on “fast turnaround” and small bespoke jobs that don’t clog up our staff. For more complex jobs we will look to the other workshops around the campus or help with outsourcing to an appropriate engineering manufacturer. We are available for design consultations to produce CAD files or just help to articulate your concept.

If you are submitting a job into the Manufacturing Hub, does it meet these requirements?

  1. You are a current UNSW Student, PhD, Researcher, Technician or teaching support.
  2. Can be completed in less than 14 hours.
  3. Can be manufactured using equipment already available in Kirby Makerspace.
  4. Doesn’t pose a health and safety risk.
  5. Can’t be made by yourself with minimal training.