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Hackspace Soldering

The soldering badge will teach you basic techniques and allow you to access soldering equipment on the Paddington campus

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The soldering badge is split into two parts. The first section (online) requires students to watch some short videos and answer questions about the content. In the second part (face to face) students will be asked to complete a basic circuit or wire model task using tools and techniques covered in the videos. You are encouraged to take your time getting comfortable with the equipment during the second part, and also take the opportunity to ask technical staff any questions you may have. All materials are provided. Please complete the online section before your face to face appointment.

Machine Access

Once you have learnt this badge you will be granted access to the following machines:

  • Soldering Tools
Online Component | Must be completed before face to face induction

Short quiz to proceed to practical soldering training at Art & Design's Hackspace.

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Reading Module
Practical Component | Face to face training in Hackspace
Badge Training

Email artdesignhackspace@unsw.edu.au or visit the Hackspace in room GG10 to organise a time to complete this module

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