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Mamiya RB67 Camera

An advanced badge for the safe use, basic operations and techniques for the digital Medium Format RB67 camera

Mamiya RB67 Camera image

The RB67 Professional is a analog camera with a 'rotating back' in 6×7 cm frame format and waist-view finder. The RB67 is a modular camera system, meaning lenses, viewfinders, ground glasses, film winders and film backs are all interchangeable. It is primarily designed for studio use, but can also be used in the field. There is no shutter in the RB67; the Sekor lenses have built-in mechanical leaf shutters which are cocked and triggered from the body. Focusing is performed with a bellows on the body. It is a completely mechanical camera requiring no batteries. The camera accepts 120 and 220 film, with interchangeable film backs configured for exposures of 6x7cm or 6x4.5cm. It measures 104×139×226 mm (4.1×5.5×8.9 in) (W×H×L) with the 90 mm f/3.8 lens, and weighs approximately 2.69 kg (5.9 lb). The flange distance is 110 mm.

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