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MIG Welding Toolroom Badge

MIG welding induction in the metal workshop of the Toolroom

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Metal Inert Gas or MIG welding is a welding process which uses an electric arc shielded with inert gas to join two metals together.

MIG is a suitable first step in learning to weld, and in this introduction you will learn the safe operation and set up of the welding machine and gas cylinder, welding safety, correct use of PPE, and a practical experience of doing two welding techniques.

The initial practical training (Part A) takes approximately 2 hours, and is run with a limit of 4 participants. You are required to wear closed toe shoes (preferably leather or non synthetic), and contact lenses are not permitted.

To attain the badge you must complete two practical modules, Part B is scheduled in consultation with Toolroom staff, and will apply the skills covered in Part A to a project being undertaken by the student one on one. For this reason students are encouraged to have a project in mind when booking the induction. Part B covers how to choose the correct amperage and wire feed settings, work holding, and designing an order of operations to account for expansion and contraction from heat.

Reading Module
Reading Module

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Practical Component
Badge Training

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The practical components to this badge comprises of two parts.

Part A can be booked online, Part B is required to be booked in consultaiton in person with Toolroom staff at the conclusion of Part A.

Students are encouraged to have a project in mind when booking the induction.

Closed toe shoes (prefereably leather) are required, and contact lenses are not permited.


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