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Paper Making

The Paper Making Badge/Induction will cover pulp preparation, creating sheets and flattening sheets, granting students access to the workshops and equipment.

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Paper making is an excellent way to recycle paper scraps or to imbed other materials into your work. A range of papers can be repurposed to create new paper, including printmaking papers, failed prints, newspaper, junk mail, print outs, etc. The Paper Making induction will introduce you to the workshops and the equipment and facilities used to make paper. We will cover all procedures included in the SWP: pulp preparation, creating sheets and flattening sheets. The induction will grant you access to the Paper Studio and Relief and Lithography workshop. You will be qualified to safely use the shredding and blending equipment for making paper pulp and be familiarised with the mould and deckle process for producing sheets. Additionally, you will be inducted into the operation of the book binding press and nipping presses for flattening new sheets. Please wear enclosed shoes to the induction. 

Machine Access

Once you have learnt this badge you will be granted access to the following machines:

  • Papermaking
Online Component
Reading Module
Practical Component
Badge Training

To book an induction time, if none are available, see staff in Printmaking in room G115 or email artdesignscreenprint@unsw.edu.au

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