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The Lithography Printing Badge/Induction will cover stone preparation, image development and printing, granting students access to the workshops and equipment.

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Lithography is a planographic printmaking process, meaning that the printing area is created by building layers of material on top of the surface, rather than working into it. The chemistry of lithography activates the repellent relationship between water and oil, so that ink will attract to the greasy printing areas and be rejected by the ‘clean’ non-printing areas. The Lithography induction will introduce you to the workshops and the equipment and facilities used to create lithograph prints. We will cover all procedures included in the SWPs: stone preparation, image development and printing. The induction will grant you access to the Lithography workshop. You will learn how to safely move stones around the workshop using the hydraulic stacker, as well as using the levigator to grain a stone. You will be qualified to safely undertake the chemical processes of lithography, including working with powdered rosin, tannic acid, gum arabic, bio solut and bio lac. Additionally, you will be inducted into the operation of our two lithography presses. Please wear enclosed shoes to the induction.

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To book an induction time, if none are available, see staff in Printmaking in room G115 or email artdesignscreenprint@unsw.edu.au

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