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The Relief Printing Badge/Induction will cover block preparation, printing and clean up, granting students access to the workshops and equipment.

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Relief printmaking refers to techniques in which an image is carved in a block, usually silk lino, vinyl or wood. Ink is applied to the original surface with a roller and transferred to paper using pressure. The Relief Printing induction will introduce you to the workshops, equipment and facilities used to create relief prints. We will cover all procedures included in the SWPs: block preparation, printing and clean up. The induction will grant you access to the Relief workshop and the solvents area. You will be instructed on how to safely carve a relief block and how to ink up a block for printing. You will also be introduced to letterpress and how to register and ink the type. Finally, you will be inducted into the operation of the two Albion platen presses and three nipping (book binding) presses. Please wear enclosed shoes to the induction.

Online Component | Must be Completed Before Badge Training
Safe Work Procedure (SWP)
Safe Work Procedure (SWP)
Safe Work Procedure (SWP)
Practical Component | Face to face badge training in Printmaking Studio
Badge Training

To book an induction time, if none are available, see staff in Printmaking in room G115 or email artdesignscreenprint@unsw.edu.au

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