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Track Saw Badge

Individual Training on the Track Saw

Track Saw Badge image

Learn safety procedures and practical skills on the Track Saw. This badge training session is assessed and if you are deemed competent you will receive your Track Saw Badge.


Pre-requisite Badge/s

  1. Makerspace Safety Induction Badge (MS) 

Machine Access

Once you have learnt this badge you will be granted access to the following machines:

  • Track Saw
Online Modules
Safe Work Procedure (SWP)

Please read the Safe Work Procedures document at the link below. You may be asked to enter your zID and zPass to access the document. Instructions for use are in the tab 'SWP Steps'. Then check the declaration below on this page and press 'Submit'.

Click here to Read
Practical Modules
Badge Training (individual)

Generally this machine does not have scheduled Badge Training sessions. Instead please complete the above online learning components and then speak with Makerspace Staff in person to arrange some Badge Training on this machine.

Please note that due to the complex nature of this machine in most cases multiple training session will be required to become competent on this machine. After attending the Badge Training session Makerspace staff will keep track of user progress via a training log.  Once a user has been deemed competent on the machine they will receive the associated Badge. 

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