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Badges give you the flexibility to access multiple Makerspaces in our Network.

To gain access to the UNSW Makerspace Network users need to earn access Badges. Badging is how we ensure UNSW Making users have the skills to safely and efficiently use our network of materials, machines and spaces.

Remember that you will need to complete pre-requisite online learning components before you are able to book into a Badge Training session.

Our Badges

Click on each Badge to view in-depth course information and self-enrol.

Entry Level Makerspace Badges

These are the basic badges required to access the numerous makerspaces available in the UNSW Making Network

Additional Makerspace Badges

These additional badges can be gained to access more equipment in the workshops.

Individual Machine Badges

These badges are training for specific machines within the UNSW Making Network

Electronics and Computing Badges

Learning software online can be daunting and hard to get motivated by yourself. These online courses are tailored for you to learn exactly what you need to know to use the makerspaces.

Entrepreneur Badges

These badges help you to...

Design Badges

A&D Making Centre Entry Level Badges

All Toolroom - Wood & Metal Workshop Badges

All Resource Centre Badges

All Ceramics Studio Badges

All Jewellery Studio Badges

All Textiles Studio Badges

All Screen Printing Studio Badges

All Printmaking Studio Badges

All Hackspace Badges

All Makerspace Badges

Learn New Skills with our Great Video Tutorials

Learn from the experts by perusing our growing library of video tutorials. Some videos are comprehensive introductions to popular Makerspace network machines and others are skills-based videos which will teach you specialist processes.